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Featured Resources
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Basketball Coaches ChalktalkBasketball Coaches Chalktalk
The Insider Basketball Coaches Chalktalk Series is an all-new series here at Hoops U. Insider. Our expert coaches will be sharing everything from X's and O's to coach and player development -- and everything in between! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from coaches who live the game every day! As an Insider, you can get even deeper inside the game with the additional knowledge and experience from our expert coaches! . . . Keep Reading

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As an Insider member, you get access to free eBooks and documents that will help you learn more and be better organized. We are always adding to the download library with eBooks that teach you concepts of offense and defense, strategies, tactics, and more. We also load it up with documents such as evaluation forms, planning forms, and more that you can download and use with your program. . . . Keep Reading

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High-Low Post Play Kick Out Options
This High-Low Post Play can be run as a set play against a zone defense or, if you allow more freedom on offense, it can be a breakdown drill to teach your players where to move against a zone when they don't have the basketball. . . . Keep Reading

Corner V-Cut for Shot Drill
Work on moving without the basketball and getting open by use of a V-cut. Also works on catching and scoring via the shot or dribble. . . . Keep Reading

Zion Bible Stack Play
By: Jeff Osterman
This quick hitter starts with a doublescreen from a stack position for a quick perimeter shot. It also incorporates a downscreen and on-ball screen for additional scoring options. . . . Keep Reading

Pete Newell's 9 Baseline Post Moves against Tight Defense
The following 9 post moves are designed to take advantage of the open baseline when the defender is playing close and to the middle. The moves are either on the catch or created through solid footwork. . . . Keep Reading

Box Cross Screen
This simple baseline out of bounds play is often quite effective at getting a layup. Youth basketball teams will find it especially easy to learn and incorporate, while all levels can sometimes get an easy bucket off of a less-than-stellar defensive team. . . . Keep Reading

Gardner-Webb Multiple Screen Options Play
By: Jeff Osterman
This basketball play utilizes a variety of screens to create multiple scoring options throughout the set. . . . Keep Reading

Anticipation and Help Drill
Help defensive players improve their anticipation and rotation to help on penetration. Though the focus is on defense, offensive players work on skills in a 2-on-2 live setting. . . . Keep Reading

Free Throw Knockout Game
Practice pressure-filled, competitive free throw shooting. Also a drill/game that is a great way to end practice. . . . Keep Reading
Pass Back Shooting Drill
Work on perimeter and mid-range shooting, specifically after passing and stepping in to receive a return pass and take the jump shot. . . . Keep Reading

Post Kick-Out Zone Offense Shooting Drill
Teach zone offense passing and movement skills that works on a variety of aspects such as feeding the high post, moving without the basketball, and catching at the ready to shoot. . . . Keep Reading

Boston BLOB Play Series
By: John Carrier
This is a series of 5 different inbounds plays out of a ball side elbow stack and backside flat look. . . . Keep Reading

Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy Discount
As a member of Hoops U. Insider, we are giving you the opportunity to attend the Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy at a deeply discounted rate! . . . Keep Reading
Helpside Deny Flash or Stop Dribble-Drive Drill
Work on off-the-ball defensive techniques, specifically in denying the post flash and stopping the dribble-drive. . . . Keep Reading

Starting a Coaching Round Table
By: John Carrier
A basketball coaching round table is a simple idea that can have a profound effect on coaches in your area. It's a great way to talk hoops and network with fellow coaches. This article will help you learn how to get a round table going in your area. . . . Keep Reading

2-on-2 in Traffic Rebounding Drill
A competitive 2-on-2 rebounding drill useful for both offensive and defensive rebounding work. . . . Keep Reading


Hoops U. Insider Basketball Coaches Chalktalk

The Film Room @ Hoops U. Insider
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