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Home | Continuity Offense Sets

Continuity Offensive Sets

Continuity offenses take more of a patterned or set approach in attempting to find scoring opportunities.

Set offenses that are continuous in nature are great for youth basketball teams where the players are still learning how to play the game. They are also effective for any level of play from youth to college basketball. There are many times during a game when the players need the structure provided by a set offense. There are also many times during the course of a season when a continuity offense will be very beneficial against certain teams.

Black-Hawk 5-Out Continuity Offense
By: Brian Rea
Black-Hawk is a quick continuity addition to your 5-Out Open Post arsenal or it can be a good supplement to your regular motion offense. It holds true to the rules of motion, but tries to use the point cutter as a brush screener for the wing. Use this simple continuity motion as a supplement to your own offense, or use it as your main offense to get some great movement and great scoring opportunities. . . . Keep Reading
Flow Ball Screen Transition Offense
By: Steve Hardin
The Flow Ball Screen Transition Offense is a basketball offense that can be used in a variety of ways. It is most effective as a transition offense or secondary fast break. It can also be run with great effectiveness as a series of set plays. The use of a variety of on-ball screens creates multiple scoring opportunities and is often difficult to defend in a transition setting. . . . Keep Reading
1-3-1 Control Game Offense
The 1-3-1 Control Game Offense is a continuity offense with a baseline roamer. This offense works equally well against man-to-man or zone defenses and is designed to control tempo and get open shots, specifically layups. . . . Keep Reading
Sideline Delay Offense
The Sideline Delay Offense can be used at end-of-game situations when you are in the lead or simply whenever you want to control the tempo and possibly get an easy layup opportunity. . . . Keep Reading
1-4 Low Drive Play
The 1-4 Low Drive Play is a simple to run and very effective if you have a point guard that is good in a 1-on-1 situation. If you have a few penetrating guards, you can also convert it into a continuity offense. . . . Keep Reading
3 Around 2 Middle Clear Through Offense
The 3 Around 2 Middle Clear Through Offense is designed to utilize a quickness advantage and mid-range game of your post players. It can be run as a set with options or as an offense in and of itself. . . . Keep Reading
Isolation Stall Offense
Isolate the two weakest defenders and play a 2-man stall game against them. . . . Keep Reading
Screen Away Continuity Offense
The Screen-Away Continuity Offense is very simple to install at any level of play. It can be run as a main offensive style or it can be called a few times throughout a game. Quite simply, it is a pass and pick away on the perimeter; coupled with a post to post cross screen. . . . Keep Reading
1-4 Attack Offense
The 1-4 Attack Offense is a great attack vs. any type of defense, man or zone. It is also simple enough and easy enough to execute that your players will pick it up in no time. . . . Keep Reading
Triple Threat Penetration Offense
The Triple Threat Penetration Offense is designed to take advantage of one-on-one scoring moves. By 1-on-1, I am referring to moves that are made from the triple threat position -- not simply everyone looking out for themselves. In this offense, nearly every time a player receives the ball away from the basket, he should catch and face in a triple threat position. . . . Keep Reading
5-Out Delay Offense
The 5-Out Delay Offense can be a useful 'change-of-pace' at different times of the game. It can be used when your team is ahead at the end of the half or game; when you are trying to use the time on the clock but will still take a good, high percentage shot. . . . Keep Reading
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