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Home | Set Plays

Basketball Set Plays & Quick Hitters

These basketball quick hitters and set plays come in a variety of sets designed to get an easy scoring opportunity.

These basketball plays are essentially special scoring plays from outside of your main offensive basketball sets. They are designed to get a basket when a basket is sorely needed. They also allow you to run specific plays through specific players to get them a shot or to take advantage of a mismatch.

Quick hitting basketball plays, when executed properly, can present many problems for the defense!

Zion Bible Stack Play
By: Jeff Osterman
This quick hitter starts with a doublescreen from a stack position for a quick perimeter shot. It also incorporates a downscreen and on-ball screen for additional scoring options. . . . Keep Reading
Gardner-Webb Multiple Screen Options Play
By: Jeff Osterman
This basketball play utilizes a variety of screens to create multiple scoring options throughout the set. . . . Keep Reading
Evansville Flare
By: Jeff Osterman
This quick-hitting play creates a 3-point attempt off of a flare screen. It also adds a couple of additional screening options in case the 3-point attempt is not available. . . . Keep Reading
High Handoff and Screen Play
This is a nice quick hitting basketball play you can use when you want to attack the basket off of dribble penetration. It gives the point guard a scoring option or allows him to create an opportunity for a cutting teammate. . . . Keep Reading
LA Double
By: Jeff Osterman
A quick hitting basketball play that incorporates a UCLA cut as well as isolation and a staggered screen. This is a nice play that creates multiple scoring opportunities. . . . Keep Reading
By: Jeff Osterman
This quick hitting basketball play has a variety of options throughout the entire sequence. Out of the low double stack set, you can create scoring options from a back cut, staggered screen, penetration and more! . . . Keep Reading
Mac 4-Out Basketball Play
By: Brian Rea
From the 4-Out 1-In set, this play creates multiple scoring chances off of a backscreen or pick-and-roll. . . . Keep Reading
Akron Back Flare Play
By: Jeff Osterman
A real nice quick hitter that incorporates a couple of screens to get an open scoring opportunity. With both a back screen and flare screen, a couple of options are available. . . . Keep Reading
Raider High-Low Play
By: Brian Rea
This is a play from a 3-out/2-in set designed to get a high-low scoring opportunity or a shot from a staggered double screen. Get quality scoring looks before progressing into your normal motion set. . . . Keep Reading
High Pivot Flash Doublescreen Handoff
This quick hitting basketball play is designed to get your best shooter or scorer an opportunity for a 3-point attempt or a dribble-drive to the basket. . . . Keep Reading
Fairfield Doublestack to Pick-and-Roll Play
By: Jeff Osterman
This quick hitting basketball play starts in a low doublestack set with the first look for a corner jumper that moves into a high pick-and-roll from the top. . . . Keep Reading
Ithica Line Quick Hitter
By: Jeff Osterman
This is a nice and simple quick hitter that uses a bit of misdirection and screening to create an isolation opportunity at the top for a player who can penetrate and finish. This play can be run to . . . Keep Reading
4-Out Double Flare for 3
From a 4-out, 1-in set, the goal of this play is to get a quick three-point shot or to make sure the ball gets in the hands of your best shooter. . . . Keep Reading
Northern Iowa Dribble Entry Reversal
By: Jeff Osterman
A quick hitting basketball play that gives inside-outside scoring options and attacks the defense with the dribble, an on-ball screen, and a variety of cuts. . . . Keep Reading
Panathinaikos Curl Pick-and-Roll Play
By: Steve Hardin
This pick-and-roll basketball play from the Athens-based Panathinaikos Basketball Club incorporates cutting movements to engage the defense while opening space to allow multiple options off the pick-and-roll. . . . Keep Reading
James Madison Double Stack Quick Hitter
By: Jeff Osterman
From a low double stack formation, this is a nice play that incorporates your center. Your big will set a couple of screens and ultimately work the low post for own shot opportunity. . . . Keep Reading
Maccabi Zipper Pick and Roll Play
By: Steve Hardin
This pick-and-roll play from the top creates a penetration lane for an easy scoring opportunity along with a high-low option if the pick-and-roll is defended well. . . . Keep Reading
Ballscreen Dribble Drive Kick Out Play
This basketball play is designed to get a quick shot attempt. It might be most useful in end-of-game situations where a quick 3-pointer is wanted but a 2-pointer is okay as well. . . . Keep Reading
Backscreen Quick Flash Post-Up Play
This quick-hitting basketball play is designed to get a quick low post scoring opportunity. Simple enough to run at all levels, this quick post-up set can be an easy way to take advantage of a possible mismatch. . . . Keep Reading
Kansas State Dribble Handoff Play
By: Jeff Osterman
This quick hitter utilizes a dribble handoff to create space and gives the ball handler multiple opportunities to score or pass to an open teammate. . . . Keep Reading
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