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Home | Transition Defense Drills

Transition Defense Drills

A big part of transition defense is obviously getting back quickly! There are also techniques and skills to help you get back properly. Use these defensive drills to help your team develop the necessary skill of transition or fast break defense.

4-on-4 Transition Recover Drill
Teach defenders to get back quickly on defense and to help teammates who are slow in recovering. Offensively, players will work on their transition and fast break offense. . . . Keep Reading
Baseline to 3-on-2 Transition Drill
Develop fast break skills by having the offensive players work on scoring in transition from an advantage situation and to teach defensive players to hustle back on defense to stop the fast break. . . . Keep Reading
1-on-1 Fullcourt Zigzag with Closeout Drill
Work on individual transition defense and closing out on the shooter from a transition situation. . . . Keep Reading
3-on-2 Halfcourt Transition Drills
Practice and develop quick decision-making abilities. Also practice finishing in a fast break or transition situation. The focus is normally on offense with this drill, but it also helps defenders learn to work from a numerical disadvantage. The 2nd option adds a more game-like element to the drill. . . . Keep Reading
2-on-1 Wing Shot and Defend Drill
This combination drill works on a variety of basketball skills and fundamentals. The offensive players work on dribbling, passing, jump stops, and layups or jump shots. The defender works on stopping the dribbler and then recovering to help defend the wing shot or drive. . . . Keep Reading
Sprint Recovery Drill
Help players understand the importance of never playing defense from behind the ball, especially when in a full court pressure situation. Players must work at not only stopping the dribble but staying with their assignment the entire play. . . . Keep Reading
2-on-2 Catch Up Drill
Work on scoring and defending in a transition situation. The offensive players will attempt to score while the defensive players will need to sprint and then defend the offense from scoring. . . . Keep Reading
1-on-1 Press Drill
Teach fullcourt defensive tactics and improve conditioning. Also useful for the offensive player to work on dribbling in the full court against pressure. . . . Keep Reading
2 Minute Transition Game
Work on offensive and defensive transition in a 5-on-5 competitive, game-type situation. . . . Keep Reading
Progressive Transition Drill
Work on both transition offense and transition defense in a progressive manner with this full court drill that also develops decision-making and conditioning in a competitive, game-like situation. Players will work on all the various situations they will face in games from the 1-on-0 to 2-on-1, 3-on-2, 4-on-3, and 5-on-4. . . . Keep Reading
Eagle Drill
Work on the transition from offense to defense and defense to offense. The offensive players work on getting back quickly to stop or slow down the offense. The defensive work on the transition to offense by pushing the ball and attacking the defense. This drill requires players to hustle and anticipate. . . . Keep Reading
3-on-2 with Trailer
Prepare the defenders when transitioning back on defense in a disadvantage situation. This drill also helps offensive players practice attacking while having an immediate advantage. . . . Keep Reading
5-on-5 Catch Up
Work on transition defense by getting back quickly, stopping the basketball, and communicating effectively in a disadvantage situation. . . . Keep Reading
This full court transition drill is a great way to teach and prepare your team on both offensive and defensive transition. The continuous nature of the drill also makes it great for game-like conditioning. . . . Keep Reading
3-on-2 Full Court Chaser Drill
Work on a fast break situation and develop the decision making abilities of the point guard (or whoever is leading the break). Also is good for working on transition defense. . . . Keep Reading
4 Man Touch the Line
Demonstrate a defensive emergency situation that allows the defense to practice against an offensive advantage. . . . Keep Reading
Rush Drill
Teach the defensive player to retreat quickly in a disadvantage situation and to possibly hold up the offensive players long enough for help to come. . . . Keep Reading
Influence Drill
Work on the ability to pick up the dribbler at halfcourt by giving pressure, not by backing up. This drill is perfect for when you desire to pressure the dribbler immediately upon reaching the frontcourt. . . . Keep Reading
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