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Home | Basketball IQ

Basketball IQ

Ideas, tips and articles to help basketball players improve their Basketball IQ and knowledge of the game. This section goes beyond the fundamentals and skills for some serious brain-training!

5 Pointers for Defending Great Shooters
You will often find your team going up against another team who has a deadly accurate shooter. He may not only be accurate, but he may understand how . . . Keep Reading
10 Tips to Better Rebounding
Rebounding is an essential part of winning basketball games and it often isn't emphasized enough by basketball coaches. Being a great rebounder is a skill but also a mentality. These 10 tips will help you build better rebounders. . . . Keep Reading
10 Defensive Tactics When Guarding the Basketball
Individual defensive techniques are very important in your overall defensive scheme. These 10 ideas and tactics should be emphasized with your players as you teach one-on-one skills within your overall team defense. . . . Keep Reading
Scoring Within the Offense
By: Kyle Ohman
Too many young players today do not understand how to score out of a set play or within the constraints of the offense. This is partially due to the one on one mentality of the game today, but it is also the coach's fault for not explaining how to score within the offense better and the benefits of doing so. . . . Keep Reading
15 Ways to Communicate With Your Teammates
By: George Ellis
Effective communication is critical and players MUST learn how to communicate, whether it is with their parents, teachers, siblings, coaches or teammates. Communication is the glue that holds a team together. Here are 15 ways a player can effectively communicate during the course of a basketball game. . . . Keep Reading
Detecting and Defending Individual Weaknesses
Ideas and strategies to help you detect and defend individual weaknesses in your opponent as well as how and why you should use that knowledge to your advantage. Learn to detect their weaknesses and how you can take advantage. . . . Keep Reading
10 Individual Defensive Rules
10 Individual Defensive Rules This list of Individual Defensive Rules comes from an old handout by the late UTEP coach, Don Haskins. Coach Haskins lists his fundamental defensive rules for playing individual defense beginning with getting back on defense. . . . Keep Reading
20 Individual Defensive Tips
Follow these tips and techniques to be a better and smarter basketball player on the defensive end of the court. . . . Keep Reading
12 Tips to Being a Good Defender
These 12 tips will help you become a better man-to-man defender. The great players play great defense. Work at playing good defense and follow these tips to dominate on the defensive end of the court. . . . Keep Reading
Scouting Your Individual Opponent - 45 Questions to Ask Yourself
Ask yourself these questions to get the edge on your opponent. Learn how he/she plays so you can dominate throughout the game. . . . Keep Reading
The Rebounders Mindset
Rebounding is a crucial factor that isn't necessarily overlooked but it is underdeveloped. Some players seem to have a knack for rebounding, however, the chances are great that they have a rebounding mindset. Here are 6 concepts the great rebounders have ingrained in their basketball brain to give them a rebounders mindset. . . . Keep Reading
10 Steps to a Better Blockout
Winning basketball games is often a direct correlation to your rebounding abilities. Rebounding is so much more than being able to out-jump your opponent -- e . . . Keep Reading
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